Tuesday, December 13, 2016

End of Semester Party

Thank you to all the parents who made our party so much fun for everyone. It was fun and stress free.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Math Wonderings

When we began our math unit of inquiry into measurement the Blazing Scorpions recorded some wonderings they had. One of these was how slow do snails move which we answered with our snail races.

The other wonderings were...
The Blazing Scorpions chose to be in groups that researched and then presented the answer to 2 wonderings.

How fast can birds fly? and How far can birds fly?
Researched by Max, Alvin, Kaitlyn, Nada and Colette

How long can a  worm get? and How fast can a  cheetah run?
Researched by Noah, Ryo, Zach, Gyeom, Adrien and Penelope

How far away are the planets? and How far away is the sun?
Researched by Ishika, Hubert, Akiho, Amara, Joanita and Kiri.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cardboard Box Expo Reflections

Some of the Blazing Scorpion's reflections on what they loved about our Cardboard Box Expo last week.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cardboard Box Challenge

The Blazing Scorpions were asked to create something using mainly cardboard boxes. The design process began with some inspiration. We read a book in class called 'Not a Box' by Antoinette Portis and watched a Youtube video called Cain's Arcade, that is about a young boy making arcade games from cardboard boxes. Then each student drew a design of what they wanted to make. As a class we grouped similar designs together. This left us with 5 groups that wanted to create the following things
  1. castle
  2. flying fast car
  3. robot cat tree house
  4. spaceship game
  5. robot / queen game
Each group made a design that incorporated all the the features individual students wished to create. Then we sourced our materials from the recycled items sent in by families and construction began. As construction proceeded students revised and amended their design, and added other features they thought of. The Blazing Scorpions then painted their amazing creations and got ready for our Box Challenge Expo. 

Invitations were written and handed out to Preschool friends, other teachers, our Grade 3 buddies and any siblings. Finally the day of the Expo arrived. Sunny skies and enthusiastic students showed off their creations, and answered questions about the design process, the choices they made and problems they overcame.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bounce or break experiment

What a great start to the day!!

During the past week the Blazing Scorpions spent time looking and thinking about the following objects to decide if they would bounce or break when dropped from the second floor.

We dropped; a coconut, a watermelon, a cushion, a trash can, and empty water bottle, a full water bottle, a bag of flour and a ball.

We practiced making predictions, using what we already know about different materials and their strength to decide if they would bounce or break when dropped off the second floor by Mr. Patrick.

Our Predictions

The Experiment

Our Reflections.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Snail race 2

Today's snail race went a lot faster as we started the race and then went to Art. The snails had a peaceful beginning and so weren't too shy coming out of their shells.
 In first place - Alvin's snail
 in second place - Amara's snail
 in third place - Max's snail.

 Today many other snails also reached the finishing line. The winning snail took 45 minutes to travel 15 inches.